Everything your website needs, and more

All the basics that every website needs to have, including the optimization of the server and the website to improve it’s speed and loading time, optimization for Google and other search engines, securing the website against some types of hacker attacks and setting up automatic backups of the entire website.

Balík: Základná web stránka

Included in the price of the Basic Website package

The Most Suitable Design

There are thousands of premium website designs. To choose the right one is timely and technically dificult, but our rich experience speeds up the search rapidly. Let us do the job and recieve a world’s class premium website.

Premium Design Licence

The licence to use the premium theme, which will be used to build your website, is included in the price of the website. We will manage the purchase to save you time and unnecessary hustle.

Website Optimization

What’s the point of having a beautiful website, if your customers are not able to find it? The Google search engline optimization and speed optimization of your website will give you a competitive advantage.

Website Security

We are sure you don’t want to loose valuable data about your clients and other important data cruical for your business. Unfortunately, 100% bullet-proof protection against hackers doesn’t exist, but there are ways to make it extremelly difficult for them, when they try to attack your website.

Website Statistics

With powerful statistics from Google Analytics, you will be able to see who your customers are, where they came from and what they do on your website. Based on that data, you can optimize your marketing activities and therefore increase your sales or the success of your website.

Automatic Backups

Partial or total loss of your data could have devastating effects on your business. We don’t want anything like that to happen, therefore we use the services of a webhosting company we trust. The company creates automatic backups of all the data of our clients every day, and keeps it for additional 2 weeks. If something happened to your website, we could restore it in a matter of just a few clicks.

Not included in the price

Content Creation

If you would like us to create the content of your website instead of doing it yourself, please reffer to our service Hourly Web Design.

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Custom Changes

If you would like us to customize your website, please again reffer to our service Hourly Web Design.

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