Start using the most powerful online marketing tool of the present

Building a mailing list is one of the most important parts of online marketing of any business, whether you have an ecommerce and sell products directly to your customers, or you have an information website or a blog. Why? Email is the most powerful type of online communication because it has the biggest conversion rates of all online marketing channels, including Facebook.

Most of world-class bloggers say that one of the biggest mistakes they have done when starting their online business was that they hadn’t started to build their mailing lists right from the begining. Don’t make the same mistake. Don’t hesitate and start building your own mailing list as soon as possible.

Vylepšenie: Odber noviniek na email

Included in the price

Account Setup

We will use one of the best and most popular free online tools to create and manage your mailing lists and newsletters.

Is it really free?

Yes. If you have less than 2 000 unique email adressed in your mailing list and don’t send more than 12 000 emails per month, using the service is free.

Basic Settings

We will setup everything necessary so you can start communicating with your (potential) customers. We will create and graphically adjust an email template you will use to send out your email campaigns.

Website Connection

We will connect the mailing system to your website so that your visitors can subscribe to your mailing list by themselves, fast and easy.

Email List Import

We will once import the list of email addresses you already have into the system.

And the privacy?

Good question. For you to be able to import the contact details of your customers and to send them emails, you will have to have their written or spoken permission.

Technical Support

You receive free technical support in case of any technical problems with the functionality of newsletter up to 1 year from the instalation.

Newsletter for 85 €

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