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Comments are necesary for any blog or online magazine. It’s important for the comments section not just to look good, but also to be user friendly. With Elegant Comments, you will not be short on comments on your website.

Vylepšenie: Elegantné komentáre

Included in the price

Account Setup

We will use one of the best and most popular comment systems which are free to use.

Basic Settings

We will setup and adjust Elegant Comments so that they will match your website’s design.


We will install Elegant Comments on your website.

Import of Old Comments

We will make sure to import all of your old comments into the new system.

Is it reliable?

Yes and no. The import is handled by the system itself, which works like a charm in most of the cases, but it’s possible that it might not work on occasion. In that case, you will have to decide whether you will want to start again, forgetting about your old comments, or we would return back to the old comment system (you would not loose your old comments).

If we will not be able to import your old comments and you will decide to go back to your old comment system, we will not charge you for the installation of Elegant Comments.

Technical Support

You receive free technical support in case of any technical problems with the functionality of elegant comments up to 1 year from the instalation.

Elegant Comments for 33 €

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