Why Evolution Startup exists

It’s fairly simple and easy to have your own website these days. But, if you are not very good at IT, it could be a daunting task which would cost you lots of your time and energy.

Our services will allow you to start doing online business truly easily and with a smile on your face.

Our mission

To support the young, creative folks who want to change the world, but don’t have the technical skills or time to create and maintain their own website. We save our client’s time and energy so they can focus on making this world a better place.

Who our services are for

Entreprenerial and invovative

Those, who want to start doing business on the internet and create an active or passive source of income. Those, who believe that you can do business, have profit and help others at the same time.

Young and creative

Those, who want to offer their knowledge to the public and change the world, but don’t know how to start on the internet. Those, who want to write, take photos or create and share their enthusiasm via internet with others.

Positive thinking and motivated

Those who want to change the world. Because pesimists, as well as realists, never change the world for the better. It’s only those who believe that something can change that will really want things happen.

Who our services are not for

Large and successful corporations

Large corporations and those who want just “a cheap website” and don’t care about any deeper meaning, but money.

Intolerant people without respect

Those who don’t want to create, but damage. We want to make this world nicer, friendlier and more open, not the other way around.

Political parties

We are not interested in engaging in politics and therefore will not co-operate with any politic parties or individuals promoting politic parties or ideologies.

Government institutions

Governments use unfair practices, constantly worsening the business environment, therefore we don’t work for the government.

Our vision

We want for everyone to be able to create and maintain their own website without the need to be good at computers or digital technologies.

Who is behing Evolution Startup Ltd.

The author of Evolution Startup is Lubo Jurik, who is professionaly engaged in web design and graphic design since 2006 when we finished his studies. Since then, he has worked with lots of begining enthusiasts, artists and advanced entrepreneurs. He has experience not only with creating websites, but also doing business on the internet, which makes him be able to help others who are just starting out on the internet.

Evolution Startup Ltd. aside, Lubo also has other interesting projects. On his personal blog LuboJurik.com, he writes about positive thinking, self-motivation, self-improvement and digital nomadism, with Slováci Na Cestách, he tries to inspire more Slovaks to travel and experience the world, and with his online magazine Asiatiq.com, he tries to bring modern Asian cultures closer to Europeans and Americans.

Lubo Jurík

So? Are you ready to create someting great?

Sure, let’s do it